to choose to be healthy and be able to enjoy life to the fullest

life is too short to not be able to enjoy it, would not you agree?
we all want to be able to live our days and enjoy them, we want to choose
to be healthy instead of sick, choose to be rich instead of poor and all
of the great things in the world that we prefer to have.
But those great things don't come easily, man! I wish they did!
But are they worthed to fight for? absolutely! no doubt about it!
Here's the thing, will you be willing to trade off the good for the great?
trade off your tv or video game time for 1 hour of good work out?
trade off your (i bet they're verrry delicious) deep fried chicken with 
heavy gravy with crazy tasty jerk chicken spinash salad-not to mention 
it's healhty too!
We are all about the decision that we should choose in our life.
I hope you are wise to choose them, because it's not only for short term 
but also long one, not only going to affect you but also your loved ones.

warm regards,
your old friend
I am a mother of gorgeous little man, a wife to beautiful smart man.
I love being around people, and it is always my passion to be able to
help people to achieve and reach their goals.
We all start from somewhere, whether you just started working out 
yesterday, or been working out for so many years, or even just thinking to
start to work out because for different reasons, I am here to help you!